Video Packages to make you STAND OUT

Ffion Rebecca in the studio being filmed

Image plays a key part in the music industry. Make sure your video represents the quality of your music.

Do you need a good video of one or more of your songs for YouTube or Facebook?    Are you looking for somewhere that can record your live performance AND shoot a great video at the same time?

Strawhouse Studio have a combined package that is ideal for you.



STUDIO SOUND + VIDEO (2 camera shoot – audio recorded at the same time)

(Timings include editing unless stated otherwise.)

  1. Record 1 song (vocal + backing track – OR – vocal + instrument) + 1 studio video – £99 – 1 hour (with your own audio £77)
  2. Record 2 songs + 2 studio videos – £177 – 2 hours  (with your own audio £142)
  3. Record 3 songs + 3 studio videos – £257 – 3 hours  (with your own audio £212)


Do you already have a great recording of your song – but you need to add a video to your channel or press-kit?     Are you looking for something that has that “little extra” touch?

STUDIO VIDEO ONLY (4 camera shoot – audio supplied by you)

(Timings include editing unless stated otherwise.)

  1. Intermediate studio video. 2 songs – 3 hours – £197 (recording audio as well please add £59 and allow an extra hour)
  2. Social Media Full package. 3 songs – 5 hours. You will receive 3 fully edited videos with your sound synced. In addition we will provide a shorter extract from each video for you to use on Facebook for your video pre-release ‘teaser’ campaign – £337 (recording audio as well please add £79 and allow an extra 90 minutes)


Miss England finalist Rheo in the studio wearing a gold catsuit

Shot in an Infinity Studio for the Miss England Christmas single video “Our World”


We can also create your movie-style video or add additional computer graphics to give your release that big punch.  We can also create trailers for YouTube or Stage Openers

Our Storyboard videos start at £947 and include pre-production discussion of your concept, shooting and editing. 

Your first step is to contact us as early as possible to discuss your idea/concept and let us hear the song so we can also provide ideas and guidance.

We have created videos to suit all budgets including more lavish productions starting at £5k and Media Productions shot at 4K resolution for Television starting at £10k with additional graphics, costumes and choreography.