Production Projects with Producers & Artists

Bass Player in the recording studio

There’s no better place than in the studio when players are inspiring one another.

 You may be an established artist with great songs, great musicians and you may have even found a great producer.   You may be a Producer who has found the musicians.  Either way – we would love to talk to you.

Our aim is to help you make a great record. Something that both you and we are proud of.

Some projects need to travel between different studios – we get it.

Strawhouse Studio was designed to be versatile and receptive to the many different demands of Producers. We do not see ourselves exclusively as a one-stop-shop for everyone. Our reputation for having a great sounding live room and a great vibe is no accident. the studio was deliberately designed and built from the ground up to behave in this way.  We work with a number of established producers as well as some of the best emerging Production talent.

We care about the future of the recording industry. We train and nurture new sound engineers and we’re proud to say we have a 100% success rate of our interns gaining full-time employment in their chosen profession. We also have long standing links with the Music Producers’ Guild – as well as successful International Hit Songwriters.

We are also used as a Tracking Studio by other facilities and we have a great relationship with Flipside Studios in Coventry and Metropolis Studios in London.

Here are just a few of some of the fabulous Producers we have worked with:  Phil Harding, Bob Marlette,  Matthew Cotterill, Jonny AmosPeter Dowsett, Fred Cox, Alex Hart, Mike Hurst.

Some of the recent musicians at Strawhouse Studio: Charlie BRichi Jones, Ben Drummond, Rachel AnnAnge Hardy, Tony Moore, Tazmin Barnes, The Ellipsis, Megan Kelsey,  Nath Brooks, Ffion Rebecca , The Folly Brothers,  Jack Blackman, George Breakfast, Lorna Dea, Melissa Severn, Hollie Aires, Kathryn Hallberg.

Please contact us for a confidential chat about your next project.

Record Producer Phil Harding at Strawhouse Studio

Platinum Hit Producers are regular visitors at Strawhouse Studio