Recording Packages for Unsigned Artists



Tazmin Barnes performing live on stage

Getting the attention of bookers and promoters is vital


When you perform live – you do your best to gain the attention of the audience and keep them focussed on you as much as possible throughout your set. But what if the person you are trying to impress doesn’t attend any of your gigs?  In order to be seen by more people and grow your audience – you need to play in more places. That will include gigs outside your own postcode as well as persuading promoters at bigger venues to give you an opportunity.  You will always need good recordings of your songs and performances to prove that you have the voice and the ability to deliver a live performance.

Are you an unsigned artist trying to get started or grab the attention of a festival promoter?

Are you looking for somewhere to record a song for BBC Introducing?




Are you looking for a team that can help you make a quality recording and also guide you on how to take the next step in contacting promoters and bookers?

Your recordings are often the first time that music industry professionals will hear you and your songs. You usually only get one chance to get their attention. Make sure you leave a great impression with a quality recording that makes you stand out from all the other artists who are also trying to get on their radar.


We have some simple quick solutions for artists who need some quality content for media and social network.

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Why not add a video to your submission pack for that extra impact. We have video packages too.



CASE STUDY 1 –   2 songs fully produced + 2 songs in a simple organic style. Including 3 full days in the studio for Production with 3 session players – PLUS additional pre-production discussion and post production time – to include mixing and mastering. We allow a reasonable post production discussion of mixing options.   

CASE STUDY 2 – As above but 4 songs fully produced + 1 song acoustic. 4 studio recording days, 4 session musicians.  


(Limited availability)

As well as the benefit of working with an experienced team – why not add further value to your project by working with a Producer who has current chart success and music industry recognition at national or international level. The credibility that a ‘name’ can add to your release will give you the edge over other releases that may all be competing for that coveted radio slot – as well as open other doors and give you a flying start. Contact our artist development team now for an informal chat about your next project. We can give you a very clear idea of costs, availability, dates and what you can expect.

You may already be at this stage and ready to take the next step.

Are you thinking of releasing an album? Does your project require additional features?

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