Artist Development – our approach at Big Help Music

Ffion Rebecca in the recording studio

Are you a unique artist?

We help you achieve your full potential as an Artist by developing your existing skills, adding to your stage-craft, improving your self-promotion and social networking skills, supporting your songwriting with the techniques and ideas that suit your way of working – and providing a strong anchor point of support and mentoring that you can rely on.

We believe in Ethical Artist Development. We remain realistic and practical and will not encourage you to over-invest in areas where we feel your potential may not be strong. We will reinforce your strong points and encourage you to work harder in those areas that we know from experience are going to be an important part of your development. Some areas you will find harder to master – but you won’t be able to move forward without them.  The better news is that we will also teach you how to minimise and work around those challenging areas that are going to be least important to you. There is no set formula for this. “One size” does not fit all, however, our experienced team will work with you and very quickly create the programme that works best for you.

Are you excited to be at the beginning of an amazing journey but don’t know how to start?

.. or are you already performing and working hard but can’t make any progress to the next level? .. we can help.  Life events can sometimes interfere with your dream – we get it – but there is always a way to overcome those obstacles.  The Music Industry can be a confusing array of individuals and organisations – all offering services and products – and you may be unsure which of those you actually need.  Your journey is unlikely to move in a straight line or conform to a fixed formula.

You will benefit from a flexible approach that can adapt and change to your personal circumstances, whilst still maintaining a positive and consistent drive towards your goals. We have a diverse team with a combination of older experienced professionals who have great industry contacts and reputation, younger practitioners with brand new ideas and current and former artists who have empathy with those we mentor and guide. Every member of our Marketing and Promotions team also have stage experience – and they perform regularly. All our Directors are also musicians – and often step in at short notice if any of our artists need stage accompaniment or a studio session player.

Over the years Big Help Music has sold records in vinyl, cassette, CD, DVD and now mainly in digital format – always moving slightly ahead of the market and always looking for unique opportunities and new ideas to give our artists the edge. Find out how we are currently placing our artists way ahead of others in their social network interaction.

Creative and talented people are admired and sometimes envied by others – yet they can be vulnerable too. Regularly having to accept criticism and rejection – yet courageous enough to be prepared to stand up in front of crowds of people and be judged on their performance. As well as technical skills and stagecraft they also need a reliable mentor to guide them and provide a consistent and solid point of contact.

We are not looking for a particular “type” or “style” – we are looking for unique individuals who want to be recognised by audiences and media for who they are – and not who they look or sound “like”.  We live in an era of celebrity – and the offers of a quick-fix are seductive and attractive – but they rarely deliver on their promise.  TV instant fame is not the ideal path to a sustainable career – particularly when viewed by established professionals in the media and music industry who are looking for authenticity.   Reluctance to give airtime to TV Celebrity contestants by media programmers is a reality that remains unspoken in public. There are few exceptions.

Just looking for specific services? Check out our tried and tested packages for artists. You may just want a simple audio recording – or perhaps you’d like to add value to your performance with a nice quality video?  If you are further down the road and would like to work with a Producer to create a single or mini-album (EP) for chart release – then we can also help with that. Our video production team can also create a more in-depth storyboarded production, show trailer – or even a mini documentary about you.