Strawhouse Recording Studio – successful Productions

Producers and Artists stood in the control room at Strawhouse Studio

Creative projects need a Creative space


Award Winning Recording Studio

Strawhouse Studio is an award winning Studio.  You will also benefit from our experience and current music industry connections.     You won’t be harming the planet either, because Strawhouse Studio is built from straw bales, earth, grass and reclaimed materials and powered by sunlight.   Because of this it’s also an ecologically sustainable building due to the energy efficient design. Relax while you record your next project in a zero-carbon building set in a park-side location next to the river Avon on the edge of Rugby.  

Follow our daily activities in the studio by liking our Studio Facebook Page. Our team regularly post new videos, pictures and behind-the-scenes stories.   

First of all we have a large LIVE ROOM which holds a 30+ voice choir with ease.  Furthermore, your full 8 piece band with kit, backline will easily fit in. You will also enjoy our large Control Room. During those long sessions you can lounge on any of our two sofas in the Control Room – as well as record there.

  • Our Team will meet all your Production needs.
  • Benefit from our in-house software – ProTools, Logic and all the mics you will need.
  • Producers can easily insert their own preferred set-up because the studio is designed to be flexible.
  • The House Engineer will give you the technical help you need.
  • Create a record you are proud of by using a Producer to help you bring your songs to life.
  • Producers are not exclusive to established chart artists.  You will benefit from their music knowledge and chart experience.

Some projects need to travel between different studios or countries – we get it.

First of all we co-operate with studios in Beijing, New Delhi, Paris, Koln, Prague, LA, Miami, New York, and Stockholm.

Also – we provide our Tracking Studio expertise to other facilities.  Finally, we have a great relationship with Flipside Studios in Coventry and Metropolis Studios in London.

Strawhouse Studio is versatile and receptive to the differing requirements of the Producers we work with. Our reputation for having a great sounding live room is no accident. The Recording Studio behaves in this way because of the design investment at the build stage.

  • New sound engineers and videographers love our training programme.
  • Our interns benefit from a 100% success rate as a result of gaining full-time employment in their chosen profession.
  • Long standing links with the Music Producers’ Guild – and International Hit Songwriters maintain our quality industry contacts list.

We also Create Videos

Video has become an essential component in any Artists’ tool box.

  • We run the latest version of Adobe’s Creative Cloud in all 3 of our Edit Suites.
  • Plan your video with our experienced crew.
  • Choose from a simple studio recording or a full-on location based storyboarded production.

We have Education Status with Adobe and, as a result, you will benefit from our fully up to date software.
Main EDIT 1 – is a dedicated room with twin screen workstation. It has a full ProTools system which can handle the most complex soundtrack challenges.
Secondary EDIT 2 – is a twin screen workstation for picture and graphics editing.
Mobile EDIT 3 – is our portable system – fully loaded and used for crash edits on location.