Strawhouse Studio – Planning your Project

Producer and Musicians in the studio chatting

Planning and preparation is the key to a successful recording project

Our aim is to help you make a great record. Something that you are proud of.

Which Recording Package suits your needs?

First of all let’s look at some of the reasons musicians need a studio

  • Have you got a favourite song you’d like to record because you want to send it to family and friends?  You can make use of our team to help find a song that suits your voice. One of our Recording Packages is probably going to be the best option to suit your needs.
  • Are you ready to create a more highly produced version for radio-play or possibly a chart release?  You can access a range of producers and session musicians through our contacts. One of our Full Production packages is probably your best option.
  • Do you accompany yourself? .. or maybe you need other musicians to help you as a result of not having your own band?  We can organise very experienced session players. Many of them tour with household names and, as a result, are very quick at getting the part recorded accurately and to your requirements.
  • Are you a singer who prefers to use backing tracks?   You can make a quick recording to suit any purpose.

Whatever your preference, we can cater for your needs and budget.  We can also offer you advice and guidance and take your recording a stage further.  Are you struggling to get your song played on the radio? ..want to get it released on iTunes and other digital platforms but don’t know how?  Our experienced team will give you professional advice and will guide you on your next step.

We can also help with one of our video packages.

You may just be starting out – or you may be an established artist with great songs, great musicians and you may have even found a great producer.   You may be a Producer who has found the musicians.  Either way Strawhouse Studio can help you make a great record and keep your music career going in the right direction. We would love to talk to you about your next project.  You can read more about our most popular packages – designed to meet the demands of most artists, but we also recognise that this is an industry where “one size” does not fit all. So please contact us for an informal chat about your next idea or any specific needs you have that aren’t covered in our more general packages.  We are a can-do organisation and the answer is YES.  Now what’s your question?